Synth crossover group PRoject combines in its music contemporary German and British indipendent music (Wolfsheim, Mesh) with the sound of the 80's (Czech group Ocean or Depeche Mode) and electronic music with acoustic sounds in its new way.

PRoject has been existing since summer 2003, performs at concerts all over the Czech Republic at festivals, open-air shows, in clubs. The group supported also the group Alphaville during their tour in the Czech Republic. Information about PRoject were published in Pravo, Blesk and several internet servers.
PRoject are Richard Pachman (voice, keyboards), Patrik Vojuch (keyboards, machines, programming) and a guitar player as a guest.

Richard Pachman is a composer, producer and singer of contemporary church and esotheric music. Since 1993 he had released 20 CDs and he had performed in Prague (Krizik's Fountain multimedia show), in the Czech Republic and in other countries (the USA, Germany, Austria, Israel......). He had composed music for movies, theatre plays and musicals.

Patrik Vojuch is a composer, keyboard player and singer who played in the Czech Republic and in the Germany in groups: Fate In, Room 22 and he had released 5 CDs. He works on remixes for other artist and on own project GoLeave.