Apoptygma Berzerk, Hurts and Camouflage are recently in PRoject and Friends gallery

PRoject live with Camouflage in Bratislava and Prague. More info here

ENJOY The PRoject's Classic Version of brand new single from Alphaville "I die for you today" on : www.myspace.com/22project

The new solo CD+DVD "PACHMAN.CZ" from Richard Pachman with incl. 4 videoklips from PRoject!!
Order on :
R.P.Music, s.r.o., Sudomerská 46, 130 00 Praha 3, Czech Republic, e-mail: r.p.music@seznam.cz, tel.: +420 602 318 096


"PRoject" live at 6 p.m!

19.5.2010 Koncert pro IVG /EQUITANA hotel resort, Martinice/c.9.00 p.m./ - close corporation

Songs of the PRoject are broadcasted on: WJSJ-FM in The Indie Music Show on WJSJ-FM Jacksonville Fl, USA:


Mesh recently in PRoject and Friends gallery

Second new track on myspace! "Blessing" Enjoy it on : www.myspace.com/22project

New concerts - 30.05.2009(!!CANCELLED!!) and 06.06.2009 - more here

Exclusive on Myspace - electro remix of "Private Wars" : www.myspace.com/22project

Merry Christmas, happy new year 2009 and "Memories"!
"Memories" is the brand-new song from PRoject! Taste it on :

There are original versions of PRoject´s songs "Morning in Berlin" and "Last Dance" at the CD "ROMANCE" by belgian
composer, conductor and pianist Francois Glorieux ( www.francoisglorieux.com ) and Czech singer and composer Richard Pachman.
CDs available at: www.pachman.cz, www.francoisglorieux.com

New Photogallery

05.04.2008 and 28.4.2008 - new concert more here

New video "Last Dance"


This beautiful video was made by Hanka Kosova
Thank you!!

All video-clips are here

Merry Christmas to all our fans and happy New Year 2008!


Richard Pachman and Patrik Vojuch

Czech famous singer Petr Muk recently in PRoject and Friends gallery

New formation of Patrik Vojuch "Fate In" you find with mp3 here :
www.myspace.com/2fatein and later also on : www.fatein.com

PRoject finished in 12th place in the "Battle of the Bands 2006" in
the German music magazine "Sonic Seducer" !
A huge thank you to all our fans for voting for us!!

Video-clips "No means forever" and "Private Wars" are on the : www.myspace.com/22project

Depeche Mode Party - live PRoject - 28.4.2007, Club Faval, Brno
more here

MetroFest - live PRoject - 27.1.2007, Club Abaton, Prague - CANCELLED!

Merry Christmas to all our fans and happy New Year 2007!


Richard Pachman and Patrik Vojuch

PRoject "fight" in "The Battle of the Bands 2006" in a German music magazine
"Sonic Seducer" www.sonicseducer.de

Sonic Seducer 12/06-01/07

MetroFest - live PRoject - 27.1.2007, Club Abaton, Prague

Song "Last Dance" from PRoject´s album "Wanted" can be heard at
Richard Pachman´s solo Christmas Tour 2006.Info at www.pachman.cz

New photos from "electroexit vol.2" here

Photos from Electro Prague Festival vol.5/ click here

PRoject live on Electroexit vol. 2 - cca. 9.30 p.m.
Enjoy PRoject on : www.myspace.com/22project

New Photogallery "PRoject and Friends" / Pet Shop Boys, De/Vision, Alphaville /
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Enjoy PRoject on : www.myspace.com/22project

Electro Prague Festival vol.5-live PRoject-21.7.2006,Club Exit,Konevova 219,Prague 3

New photos / United Islands of Prague / click here

At 3.20 p.m.-Live PRoject-U. I. of Prague 20.6.2006,Palackeho namesti,Prague 2

United Islands of Prague-live PRoject-20.6.2006,Palackeho namesti,Prague 2,3-6 p.m.

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Presentation of CD PRoject - Wanted and CD Richard Pachman + Dita Horinkova - Dove Sono (with signature session) is held in Luxor bookstore - Prague - Vaclavske square 12th May 2006 at 4 pm.

First concert presentation of CD Wanted in Retro Club, Francouzska 2, Prague 2, 11th May 2006 at 8 p.m.

! Debuted Album Wanted out on 28.4.2006 !

Presentation of a new CD Wanted on R.P. birthday concert ( 28.4.2006 - Palace Blanik, Vaclavske nam. 52, Prague )

! 14.10.2006 ElectroExit vol. 2 - live PRoject - Club Exit, Prague !

! 11.5.2006 Erasure video party Night - live PRoject - Club Retro, Prague !

! 28.4.2006 PRoject concert on the birthday party of R.P. !

! 15.4.2006 DM & 80's videoparty - live PRoject - Club Ponorka, Pardubice !

New photos /Electro Prague Festival vol.3/ - click here

PRoject at Electro Prague Festival vol. 3


PRoject in the Czech TV (CT 1) with video "No means forever"

New photos /Sumperk + Olomouc/ - click here

New Mp3 - click here

! new concerts 2005!

23.7.2005 Electro Prague Festival II. /Prague/

13.8.2005 Open air - Opat /Broumov/